7 free tools for small businesses

Free is the most interesting word for anyone starting a new business, isn’t it? In fact, obtaining some benefit without having to pay for it is the desire of many people.
And there is nothing wrong with that! Quite the contrary: seeking free tools for small businesses, for example, is essential, since in those first moments your business financial control is tight.
If you know someone who is doing business or wants to do it soon, check out below 7 free tools for small businesses that can be very useful for any company!
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1. Hubspot
The best free CRM on the market. Even if you are at the beginning, it is not recommended to get too attached to Excel spreadsheets. There are several reasons why a CRM is indispensable in your business and HubSpot is the free platform that will prove it to you.
It is a complete tool to manage the relationship with your first customers. From the home screen, you can see your complete sales funnel, allowing you to classify your business opportunities and do a better follow-up.
In addition, you can synchronize HubSpot with one of the most widely used free corporate tools – such as email, allowing you to receive and send emails to your customers, without having to leave the system. It also integrates with online chat systems to answer your customers in real time.
It is important to mention that you can access all the information of a customer or prospect in just one window. Ideal for not wasting time asking for information that you should already have in your hands. See more about HubSpot by accessing its website and find out why it is considered one of the main tools used in entrepreneurship.
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2. Dropbox
If you do business on the internet, you are sure to have a folder with work documents on your computer. Do you have any idea of ​​the risk you are taking leaving these files only on the PC?
Imagine that tomorrow you’re PC or notebook has a flaw that prevents you from accessing your documents. Have you thought about the problem you would have, even if you managed to recover them later?
Using services like Dropbox helps you to prevent this file from being lost forever. With 2GB in the free plan, you can sync with your computer or smartphone to access important documents on any device that is.
You can also edit some types of documents directly in the Dropbox app. Find out more by visiting the company page.
3. Wave
Is your problem managing to generate your business finances? You need to know Wave to understand how it can be the ideal platform among online management tools in the financial area.
Among the features, the application makes it possible to record income and expenses, categorizing them according to the type of transaction. Wave also makes it easy to create and send invoices to your customers.
Get to know Wave by accessing its page and registering for free.
4. Zoom
Skype may be the indispensable business communication tool, but it is not the only one. Other applications that are lighter and require less domain can be used and are just as efficient as the Microsoft application.
One of these alternatives is Zoom. You can use it both on your computer and on your smartphone. Through it, you can generate links to a meeting room to invite your team members or customers to audio or video calls.
There, there are no other complications. Just access the page, register, download the app and generate links to the meeting. The download is light and fast, so you should have no trouble convincing your customers and leads to use it.
5. Google Analytics
Do you have an internet business and don’t use Google Analytics? So you are doing something very wrong: you are not analyzing whether your actions or content are giving results.
Unless you work exclusively on social media, you need to use this tool to learn important information about your website.
Among them, the number of monthly visits you receive, if your space on the internet has received more users and even which channels are taking people to your blog, among many others.
To start using it, just have a Google account and access Analytics to enter your site. From there, you just need to follow Google’s step by step for it to start showing you all the information about the performance of your business on the internet.
It is easily the best of the business analysis tools you can have.
6. Google Docs
Another of Google’s free corporate tools, Docs works alongside the company’s cloud storage service, Google Drive. That is, it is interesting that you have the account on it to use the Docs.
Instead of paying for the Microsoft Office suite subscription, you can use Google tools for free. The package has a text editor – and an excellent alternative to Word, spreadsheet editor, slide show creation and even a Paint style image editor is available.
The price: just having a Google account to log in to the Docs page to create your first documents!
7. MailChimp
Email marketing is one of the main strategic digital marketing tools. MailChimp is the main platform to do this and, even better, it’s free!
Therefore, it is widely chosen as one of the free tools for small businesses. The reason for this is that MailChimp only starts to meet users who grow in the business, something measured by the number of subscribers to your newsletter.
With the platform, you can capture contacts to become prospects, create email templates and schedule sending to your list, among other functions. Visit the MailChimp website to learn more.
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