How to Improve Your Warehouse Facility

Today, warehousing is a highly competitive market. With increased competition, it is imperative that all businesses are competitive with regard to their speed of delivery and their willingness to provide the services that are required of them.This is a crucial time of year when the companies who receive the highest number of approximate contract orders from retailers are key. Some of the top multinational and local companies in the industry are searching for ways to boost efficiencies and improve their performance. As more companies seek to cut costs, efficiency in the physical inventory and order fulfillment department is boosting their competitiveness in the marketplace.Big-box retailers are being hit hard by inefficiencies. Sydney Commercial cleaning In comparison, larger national retail chains, traditionally regarded as growth companies, have experienced a significant decrease in marketplace business. This inefficiency has given smaller local merchants, most of them local mom and pops, the opportunity to boost their market share and successfully execute their business plan. Consumers have increasingly turned to online retailers and e-tailers for their weekly purchases. A vital business function is to support the customer ordering experience in the form of timely deliveries.According to the Department of Labor (DOL), the average cost per order at a chain operated outlet varies from 11 to 19 cents depending on the chain, the size of the store, and the location of the customer’s delivery location. From this revenue perspective, the purchase process typically begins with the SBA shipment, which often involves a potential order at least $1,100 in size.”SBA shipments were originally designed for multi-story office buildings, but they are increasingly struggling to fill million-dollar retail levels and even mid-value retail, while still meeting the shortest efficiency balance,” said Allen Abernathy, president of Optrex Retail Solutions, Inc. and Regional Group Director for DOL’s Federal Qualified Business program. “The volume of orders placed at these retail locations has continued to increase, and better and cheaper warehouse logistics solutions are the single biggest competitive advantage that is benefiting businesses today.”Optrex is a fulfillment company that facilitates the fulfillment of federal and commercial government vendor supplied orders through 24 ground transportation centers in the U.S., staffed by about 700 federal warehouse agents – most of whom are federal employees contracted by the SBA.”Under the current SBA orders, the processing time for SBA shipment is 12-16 weeks,” said Jeremy Allred, CEO of Optrex. “OCI has been able to offer significantly shorter shipping times of just 4 weeks or less by utilizing a technology which allows us to provide both the SBA and the USPS a physically located warehouse, allowing for a significant reduction in the retail time.”Optrex successfully delivered about 300 pounds of shrimp this season without having to send any shrimp to the SBA. Retailers are having a difficult time able to compete with the attractive cost savings and reduced shipping time offered by the vendor supplied warehouse solution. However, Allred, states that he is still working with the SBA to discuss an effective pricing strategy for the lugged bricks utilized by Optrex.”It is exceedingly rare o be able to outperform the SBA, and we love what we do,” said Abernathy. “From an SBA and federal scale perspective, we are competitive and that is why we are still growing. But Tier 1 companies in the Tier 2 [non-SBA] industries are not going to win in the marketplace against the Tier 1 companies who have the lower overhead and small privately owned advantage.”If you have a Kmart or Lowe’s in your store, ask them to contrast their warehouse experience with the SBA’s experience. If you have a Wal-Mart or JC Penney in your store, ask them about their warehouse experience. If you have a Costco, Ask them about their warehouse experience. If you have a Home Depot in your store, ask them about their warehouse experience. Finally, if you have a delivery company in your store, ask them about their warehouse experience. Invest in improving your warehouse facilities to maximize your shelf appeal and maximize your revenue.The intellectual property capture industry is expected to continue growth over the next three years while the licensing and branded merchandise business is expected to continue to decline. In response to the overwhelming demand from retailers and companies to comply with the new intellectual property rules, a large number of organizations are now reworking their methods and expanding their capability to meet the new standards being set by the Department of Commerce.Large Policy and Law Firms are a key enabler of business success for many U.S. companies. Because engineers and Senate aides work behind closed doors, there is no way to know how much intellectual property legislation has been significantly influencing many causes of death and injury. Companies that can protect their intellectual property must protect their clients’ business principles as much as they can protect their patents.As a rising tide rises above the surrounding building, cracks and crevasses are forming, it is imperative that companies protect their intellectual property and perform housekeeping activities.

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