How to motivate your team?


Motivation, by definition, is linked to movement. She is responsible for the impulses and desires that get tasks done.

In addition, motivation is the engine that drives us to achieve different rewards, ranging from motivation to drink water when you are thirsty to winning a dream job. This feeling also extends to the professional sphere and plays a fundamental role for the well-being and development of a company.

After all, the demotivation of a team is related to low productivity, procrastination of tasks and greater inattention at work, which increases the chance of errors. But have you ever stopped to think about how professional motivation can make a difference in your team’s daily lives? Have you tried to establish or motivational project?

That’s what we’ll talk about in today’s article. Continue reading this article to find out how to motivate a team and make it more efficient!

Offer training

Offering courses and training to employees can be a great way to keep them motivated. After all, in this way, they will feel the company’s concern in their learning and professional development (the greatest motivator for the Brazilian professional according to a survey conducted in 2016 by the Boston Consulting Group).

Investing in workshops and classes during working hours or even financial aid for courses and participation in congresses also brings returns on the quality of work delivered by the team, which is becoming more and more specialized.

However, care must be taken so that the moment of learning is an aggregator in the routine of employees and not just another task that will become a burden.

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Create a linear organization

An important point for maintaining a healthy work environment is a transparent and coherent hierarchy. The lack of hierarchical organization can leave your employees confused and lost, without knowing who to turn to in case of doubts or problems.

Linear organizations, in which managers put themselves in a position of leadership and not of power over their employees, treating them as equals, tend to cultivate a better working relationship and increase the professional motivation of their employees.

In addition, it is important that employees have some autonomy to perform their duties. And that they know that their work is important for the functioning of the company.

Have an open channel

A good attitude to be included in the incentive plan for employees is to remain an open channel, willing to listen to them in the most varied situations, from suggestions to criticisms. But for that, it is important to show that your voices are really being heard and taken into consideration.

Having only one complaints box that is never opened and read has no effect on a team’s professional motivation. To be effective, make a plan to regularly implement some of the suggestions given by your employees. In this way, they will see that their needs are heard and will be more motivated.

Make room for exchange

Just like being heard, receiving feedback and praise makes all the difference in the well-being of a team. Knowing when you are on the right track or what topics to improve are important points to keep an employee focused on achieving better results.

It is important to remember, however, that possible criticism should be made in a constructive manner, accompanied by suggestions for improvements and empathy. Otherwise, they may have an opposite effect and further demotivate a collaborator.

Be more flexible

Showing flexibility and genuine attention to the personal needs of each of your employees also helps them to feel important and motivated.

Actions such as “short friday”, or shortened friday, in free translation, in which employees are released earlier from work for the weekend are already adopted by some companies as a tool to improve the quality of life of their employees.

A more flexible work schedule can also bring good results. Thus, each individual develops greater autonomy to carry out their work in the way they find most convenient, according to their productivity.

If possible, the promotion of working days at home, known as home-office, is also interesting. In this case, there is even less wear on the employee when traveling to the workplace, in addition to a reduction in the employer’s expenses with employee transportation and company maintenance costs.

Review your company policies

Not all people are satisfied with the combo transport voucher + meal voucher as benefits. Each employee has different particularities and needs and, therefore, it is attractive that they can choose which types of benefits and facilities they best contemplate.

In addition to the traditional ones, partnerships with establishments such as restaurants, gyms, cinemas and streaming services can be a plus, as well as spaces within the company where employees can resort to moments of relaxation and rest during office hours.

In addition to the benefits, awareness campaigns that promote a better work environment also work as a gift to motivate a team. Engaging employees in causes such as sustainability and against bullying, for example, will make them all work towards a relevant common goal, increasing respect for the institution’s values.

Create possible goals

Establishing complex and unattainable goals is a real shot in the foot for the success of a company and its team. Working under pressure, with absurd deadlines and exorbitant demands will have an extremely negative impact on your employees.

Therefore, keep gradual and possible goals, which will make them feel capable and able to do the work to which they are assigned.

Following these tips will make it much easier to adopt professional movement in your team’s day to day and make your team contribute even more to your business!

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