Induction Heat Treatment Services

Shot blasting is creating depressions on the surface of a metal by regularly pelting it with shots of sand or steel balls of a certain diameter. The process is accomplished by employing something like an air gun. A shot blasting machine is often employed for the purpose. Induction Heat Treatment Services has been the melting aluminum induction furnace in providing shot blasting system to the firms who need our services. The company has been adding to the product in accordance with the innovations and advancements made by science day-by-day.

Some machine are popularly used for shot blasting in the modern world:

Airless shot blasting machines: This is by far the most popular and the most widely used in the industrial world. It works in a closed loop system.
tunnel type shot blasting machine: In this case, the number of shots and hence the wheels that give rise to the shots vary as per the requirement of the client.
Portable Sand Blasting Machine: This consists of two parts, the upper head that acts as the store and the main vessel.
Robotic Shot Peening Machine: The nozzle on the robot arm provides the shots. These machines do not require human intervention and can easily be handled by computers.
Airless Special Purpose Machine: These machines use the latest technology to provide service to clients willing to pay for them. They can be customised and personalised to suit the requirements of the client.
Abrasive Blasting Cabinet: An abrasive material is forced on to a surface, and in effect proceeds to clean it. It is available with a range of accessories that make it a valuable asset.
Paint Spray Booth: These could be customised to suit the needs of the industry as well as the client.

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