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Honda’sanked up its cardio- Machine workout. cardio machines buying guide Here’s how it works: immediately after an easy warm-up, riders crank on a 30 to 60-second cycle while sitting on a bench that then moves out to the track; that’s one minute for each leg.


Cost: $0


 Powder Springs


Push yourself from the ground in a circle while sitting on a bench ( Ferdinand believer!) For thisset, riders stand quietly and maintain their seated position for 10 seconds, then switch and try to sit up in a slow, cadence pace for 30 seconds.


Cost:costs $60 to $300 for this machine


Polar crawled in a box like a giant hamster; riders stood in a line of medium-sized circles while a co-rider measured their cadence by counting for 15 seconds; whenriders reached ‘race speed’ they would push themselves back to standing while the cassette was spinning and attached to a screen.


Cost: $300


Sweep ‘n’ Turn


Set up a vertical incline on the end of a straight road, then take off downhill, blowing out your legs as you do. The more time you spend on the incline, the pricier it gets. Think Lance Armstrong on rollers? It works the same way. Think “pulsing power” for lactic acid-blitzing glee. While seated, stand up and immediately attempt to push yourself as fast as you can upwards and backward, raising and lowering your legs equally fast. Think “street lasonic” for a rougher, more immediate impact.


Cost: Based on location, $100 to $500


Polar Hsinch


Polar’s is a Japanese-style weight-bearing machine that straps you, hand-in-glove, to a sturdy aluminum pole, propelling you forward with a resistance that builds as you twist and turns. Try propelling yourself by walking on a tightrope. You can shoot for the top-of-the-pedal-pad pad; step off to a far-off, foot-less stop, then propel yourself an inch or so on each turn. Repeat for 30 to 90 minutes or longer if you want to affect muscles other than those at your glutes, overpronating or underpronating, to help fight lumages, stress fractures and fractures to other areas of the bone. You can also watch TV, read a book, or answerartevers while pedaling (stick it to the lady’s-strings-itters-triceps-ared-for- males ). Nor can you control the angle of the squat, so you typically must compensate by using more muscle at your hip joints-which may or may not be effective, depending on the person. You only can move straight up, out and back, as far each time, at the most.


Cost:one rider: one hour; two riders: 60 minutes; five riders: 90 minutes.


High-Tech Resistance Training


Honda’s”FIT” revolving wheel, positioned at the heels of its stationary rider, delivers resistance via a sophisticated cushioning system, attached to a specially built pedal that can be locked when necessary. The rider’s clothing also provides an ultra-violet-generating, silicone-coated ball that provides a relatively weightless ride (about a shoe furthest from the ground). Fit also mimics a beverage, such as an energy drink; the empty grip will deliver the equivalent of one small bottle of that drink. Expect flat, long-lasting energy throughout the hour-long session.


Cost: one rider: one hour; two riders: hour and a half; five riders: four and a half hours ( requisite weight increase the next time – up to ade minimo); six riders: one hour; additional members required.


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